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Why Choose Our Boat?

How does it compare to other catamarans?

Our boat is a 60 feet X 30 feet sailing catamaran. It is build for safety, comfort and luxury. The building of Isokratia was supervised by the expert naval architect engineer Paul Shannon, whose supervising works include major boat builds such as the building of the Queen Elizabeth cruiser and numerous private pleasure yachts, large and small.

That is why it is an all weather boat. Especially for the Greek Aegean a boat is very important to be able to sail into all weather. The reason is because the summer northern Meltemi winds can go on from anything form few days to 4 or 5 weeks without stop. If the boat cannot sail into any weather it means that people can get stuck into one island for the whole duration of their holidays.

In our boat the ceilings are high both in the saloon, in the hulls and in the cabins 2.25 meters. This means you do not have to bend your head to go around and if rough weather you will not have head injury accidents.

Isokratia meets all the RCR of EU safety standards requirement. It is fully equipped with two escape hatches, one in each hull. In addition all hatches windows in all cabins, are of large dimensions, so they can be used as escape hatches, in case of emergency.

Cabins are large and comfortable with spaces for wardrobe for your clothing as well. Lots of cupboards on the side walls, to store your clothing shoes and valuables.

Each cabin has it’s own en-suit shower and WC. And air-condition. (when the four cabin option is selected one of the cabins shares the WC with the skipper.) Each cabin is fitted with air funs.

The saloon offers two comfortable leather settees around breakfast / dining tables, each sitting six to eight persons. The front one allows quests to have a full circular view as we are under sail.

The saloon also offers a full TV, DVD player , movie cinema surround speakers. This can keep young children entertain, with children’s movies, so hey do not get board when under way.

Kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary utensils and equipment. We carry both fridge and freezer to carry all food in cool hygiene environments. In addition we carry a washing machine for any laundry requirements.

Or external table under the Bimini sits up to 10 persons in comfort for those romantic evening meals and drinks times, when anchoring in remote bays for the evening.

Getting on board we offer both a hydraulic operated pasarella at the rear of the boat and side steps on the sides for your safety. Climbing on board when swimming around the boat we have a very strong safe and deep stainless steel step folding down for your comfort.

Walking around the deck of our passages at their narrowest are 130 centimetres more than double the width of many of the other catamarans. This enable you to walk about in safety and comfort without having to squeeze your selves and without the dangers of tripping and falling down.

Our external deck floor is cover with non slip paint. This adds to your safety especially when going about bare foot. No slippery surfaces means no broken feet or broken angles accidents.

All internal flooring is of real teak wood. Although we always recommend boat shoes, you can still use your normal shoes when going out for the evening and returning back to the boat. Another small comfort but most of all another major safety eliminating accidents.

The side rails and sturgeons are higher than usual to a height of just about one meter. This adds to your safety as even if you trip the rails are high and strong to take your weight and prevent you falling over board.

Internal; and external safety hand grab rails; hand holding rails are fitted for your safety when you move about when under sail. AT the bow front ends we are equipped with two one inch thick stainless steel pull pits with a small sit. You can sit and enjoy the ride in calm weather in safety or stand and do the Titanic photo pose.

Our nets are the Ferrari ( Ferrari is the Brand name of the material used to manufacture the nets) Why are they important? Because they are made of a special soft material you can lay to sunbath on them on comfort without the need of any mats, even when we are under sail. But another major reason is because of the extra safety they offer. Being made of small one centimetre square holes. The small one centimetre opening holes offer comfort, safety and security, because your toe fingers cannot get caught like they do in the large holes of other nets. This prevents the common accidents of having broken or twisted toe fingers and other possible accidents from falling over when toe fingers get caught in the large hole nets. Our nets are your sunbath beach when we are under way or when on anchor! We have not seen any other catamaran in Greece being fitted with the Ferrari nets!

Our sails are 12oz (double than the usual sails size) which means we can sail even in high winds of 30 knots speed. We are equip with all sails: main sail, Genoa, Spring sail, storm sail, and even a Spinnaker.

Our boom is position high above the Bimini. This is another major safety factor. It prevents accidents where the boom suddenly swings and hits people on the head. This is one of the most serious injuries in sailing boats which sometimes is fatal. We have eliminated this danger completely. Even when we have the sails up you will still be able to move about on the deck without any dangers.


The boat is equipped with double of everything for back ups from electronic navigation plotters, to generators, VHF. Our boat is equipped with two navigation plotters . One internal and one external by the helm. This is of extreme importance for boat and passengers safety as it allows the skipper to identify the smallest of dry rocks and avoid accidents. In 2009 there were three such accidents by charter boats which did not offer external navigation plotters. One catamaran submerged outside Naxos. Twin helm stations. Being a catamaran is of the utmost importance to have two helm stations enabling the skipper to manoeuvre in the narrow passages in the small ports and marinas of the Greek islands. Our boat is equipped with two fully equipped helm stations.

When on anchor, which is not uncommon in the busy summer months in the Greek islands as there are so few spaces to moor in ports and marinas, you will be transfer to the shores with a safe and comfortable inflatable outboard dingy. Ours is a full V shape fibreglass bottom which makes it very stable and reasonable speeds. Also it avoids passengers getting wet from inflatable water sprays.

External shower hose when returning from swimming. Boarding lights for your safety at night time when returning from outings.

Instruments & equipment on board - short list of main ones: Ray marine E120 internal chart plotter. Ray Marine E80 external chart plotter. Twin stations port and starboard both equipped with Autopilot, Wind direction and speedometer, depth sounder, Log-. Spare Lorenzo chart plotter for port side external screen. 2X hand held VHF, One internal fixed VHF. 1X hand held GPS chart plotter in emergency crab bag accessories. Internal barometer. EPIRP, Thermometer, clock. 2 X satellite phones. Twin Victron inverter chargers operating as master and slave. One satellite email systems. TV & home movie center with surround speakers. 4 deep sea Fishing Rods. Fridge Freezer plus small counter fridge. Two Diving sets. Plus sea toys. Two generators. Hydraulic steering for easy of use and maximum impact on manoeuvring.

Life rafts: Isokratia is also fitted with two life rafts of six person capacity each.

Water maker. We are equipped with a Water maker in case we cannot access water supplies form the ports and marinas.

Our boat is awarded the boat safety worthiness certificate every year after a government surveyor inspection and verification of all equipments and requirements including safety equipment annual services like the fire extinguishers, life rafts and EPIRB.

We are very flexible on our itenaries to suit your preferences and will be able to improvise and change as you may wish at the time either because of weather or because of your personal preferences. Whether you seek a remote secluded beach or a party island we will advise accordingly.

We know every single remote beach around the Aegean, Sporades, Halkidiki, Peloponnese and Ionion. We will advise you of the best restaurants to dine out for quality and price. We will point out the special areas to visit in each island, like places of interest.

Our aim is to make you enjoy your vacation 100%.

There are no hidden charges like; charges for washing the boat, for use of dinghies, for use of bath and beach towels, for use of sails, for use of auto-pilot or any other hidden charges, demanded by many charter companies.

Payment terms
A 50 % deposit is required on booking time. The balance must be paid two weeks before embarkation. All bank transfer fees must be paid by the customer for bank charges of both banks sender and receiver.

Credit card payments subject to 3% surcharge

Meals and drinks
Meals and drinks are taken care in what is known as the kitty sharing method. The common kitty takes care of shared cruising expenses (water, extra fuel, meals etc). Customers pay a kitty money to the skipper who then organises all shopping purchases based on your preferences. If you so choose you may accompany or go and do the shopping your selves. The boat mate will prepare meals and serve to you. Depending on weather conditions meals can be hot or cold.

Please know that meals for crew, the skipper, mate and cook when required, are to be provided by you the customer. The kitty expense is usually about 250 euro per person per week. However it can be as high or as low as you may wish, according to your preferences of meals and drinks. The kitty is settled on boarding day with your skipper and top ups when money spend.

Usual embarkation check in Saturday 15.00pm to 17.00pm and disembarkation check out Saturday 09.00 am to 10.00am

We respect and appreciate all nationalities, all religions, all colours, all genders, all ages, all sexes. However we are very choosy and try to select customers, who appreciate and respect the crew and the boat as well. We do not accept wild drunk stag or hen party groups. But we welcome good behaving young people. We will do our best to make your holiday a safe, comfortable, pleasant and fulfilling one. We expect the same in return from your behaviour towards the crew and the boat.