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Our Catamarans are:
new, safe, comfortably large, fully equipped with the latest technology, sophisticated and luxurious.

Professional skippers have undergone specific training before being declared able to handle and maintain our catamarans. While being unobtrusive, their duty is to guide and assist you. Even if you are an expert sailor, their detailed knowledge of the area will prove invaluable just as their intimate knowledge of the particular boat will ensure you are in safe hands.

The Aegean in Greece can sometimes be windy and  devoid of marina facilities. Care and attention is required when navigating and docking which needs expertise to be carried out safely. Our yachts are chartered by a carefully selected, professional crew, although on special occasions we may consider well experienced sailors for bare boat charters. Please contact for more information.


Once you have checked the prices (conditions and all special announcements) and availability you may book direct from within our web pages through online booking. Alternatively (click on contact) for nay special requirements such as a given period, you may reserve your boat.  A confirmation email will then be sent to you, confirming your dates of travel.

You may select one of our fixed itenaries. Alternatively please contact us to discuss your desired itinerary or any specific wishes. We will accommodate special requests wherever possible with safety being a top priority.


The Greek Islands' climate is dry, temperate and salubrious, so your packing requirements are minimal.  We recommend you include sun block, sunglasses, a windbreaker, sweater, white soled non-slip boat shoes, a beach towel, light clothing and any personally prescribed medication. Please note that compact, carry all bags are preferred as hard suitcases are impossible to stow. During early or late season cruises, a waterproof jacket is suggested.



The travel documents required are the same as you would need for traveling across the EU.


  1. APRIL TO JUNE: the winds are variable, the days are long and sunny. In spring the sea is still cool (20°C) but the islands are covered in flowers and the tourist traffic is low.
  2. JULY AND AUGUST: this is the dry and tourist season. Sunshine is guaranteed as well as the etesian (meltemi) wind. Water temperatures rise to near (27 and in shallows  up to 30°C) This northerly wind ensures pleasurable sailing temperatures. Since we are dealing with a section of the monsoon (which blows around the Asian continent), its consistency has allowed us to match our itineraries with the best possible sailing conditions. Air and maritime transportation reach their frequency peak in the Aegean, allowing many convenient transfers to and from the islands.
  3. SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER: tourism and heat are receding. Nights are longer, the sea is warmer (24°C) and the winds have somewhat abated.

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