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Everything is beautiful in Pelion: mountains are of an amazing greenness with high trees and dense vegetation, and the sandy beaches look like paintings, with wonderful deep blue waters.

The peninsula is also the land of the Centaurs who were mythical creatures with a body half human and half horse.

Traditional villages built with the grey stone of the region, stone bridges, Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches and monasteries contribute to the unique beauty of Pelion and fascinate everyone who is lucky to see them.

Holidays in Pelion are interesting and beautiful every time of the year.

During summer, the picturesque beaches and the superb green mountains welcomes the visitor, making him enjoy the must wonderful holidays of his life.

During winter, the beautiful mountains of the peninsula dresses in white and the snowy slopes offer to the visitor the possibility to enjoy the well-organized pistes of the ski centre in Chania, or to walk in the snowy paths and rest in the warm and welcoming traditional villages of Pelion.